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Get your FREE Databricks Workspace Health Check Notebook

Get a bird's eye view of your Databricks Workspace with a simple notebook you can run on your own.

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Access our free notebook to gain insights into:
  • Top 10 jobs most qualified for Gradient
  • Identify candidates for EBS, Photon, and Autoscaling optimizations
  • All purpose compute cluster utilization efficiency score
  • Estimated total cost savings
  • Jobs incorrectly run on all purpose compute clusters
  • Heavily used instances to identify instance type optimization opportunities



APC vs. Jobs compute usage

Reduce costs by properly identifying and allocating jobs to the significantly cheaper Jobs Compute costs to save up to 50% immediately.



APC and warehouse utilization

Quickly see warehouse and APC utilization to identify poorly utilized clusters and warehouses



Instance selection across organization

See the distribution of instances used in your organization to determine if users are moving away from default settings in an effort to optimize



Ranking of top job candidates for Gradient

Quickly identify top job candidates to test out Gradient for a quick proof-of-concept validation.  These jobs are ideal due to their schedule, duration, and consistency.

Compute Type@2x


Identify photon and autoscaling usage for cost savings

Photon and Autoscaling are workload dependent cluster settings that may be either beneficial or detrimental to your jobs.  Quickly identify how many clusters use these features to assess potential savings.